Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freelance & Reformatting

I've made it a sort of quiet announcement until now, but I am one of the writers of the newly launched Pussy Whipped Magazine. Created as an homage to the webcomic Girls With Slingshots, it aims to be an entertainment guide for places all around the world. So far, we have reviews on places in south Florida, Akron, Amsterdam, and Bratislava. Guess which of those posts are mine?

This brings me to my decision to reformat this blog. Pussy Whipped Magazine, along with the fact that I no longer live in Fort Lauderdale, would put me in an awkward position if I decided to continue writing restaurant reviews here. What would I write for this blog, and what would I write for PWM? So I have arrived at this decision: I have a few more Fort Lauderdale reviews planned to write, and they will go to PWM. Once they're done, I'll move on to the Treasure Coast area.

As for this blog, I'll continue to post opinion pieces such as I've written here. I have a few of those planned and one will pop up within the next few days. I'm also going to post new recipes and tutorials in the future, Once I'm unpacked and settled in. A lot of my kitchen tools and cookbooks are still packed up in boxes. More posts to come!

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